Fwd: Test

This is a test of the remote email blog posting thingie. Hope it works.


This is a test of the remote posting thingie. Hope it works.


Spanish Final

I had part of my spanish final today. Stupid spanish class... I should have taken German. What languages do they speak in Poland?


Why I hate Microsoft...

First off, just so that we are all on even grounds, I hate Microsoft. This is not just a blind hate though. I don't just hate them because they are a monopoly or because Bill Gates won't give me money. No I hate microsoft (and forgive me for not capitalizing their name, I don't feel it worth the effort) because they are cocky. They have reach the point where they feel as though they have completely eliminated the competition. One of their newest adds goes something to the effect of "In a world that runs Windows XP...". (Their we go, they admit to being a monopoly, now can we sic the SEC on them?) They have gotten so secure that they no longer have to attempt to make good software. They think that they are immortal, their attitude and their software shows us.